Part 2 - The Letter

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Last update - February 7, 2008

Accounts are closed, CitiCorp is monitoring the site. Read more about it in the Updates.

More information regarding the Citibank Protest in Allen Texas will soon be available. Please email me at the address at the bottom of this page if you wish to help or participate in any way. (For those concerned, all legal stipulations regarding a peaceful protest are being followed)

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Part 1 - The Story

I'm sure we all have horror stories dealing with different companies every now and then, but this is one that went a little too far. So far, in fact, that I want everyone to know about it...

It all started on December 18th at the Citibank branch in Allen Texas. I went through the drive-thru to cash a $50 check, about 15 minutes before they closed. The teller sends me back an envelope with my cash in it, and I headed out. Usually, I would double check the cash, but I was going to use the money at the store right across the street, so I didn't bother to double check it.

While paying for groceries, I pulled the money out of the envelope, and then realized that the teller had given me someone else's debit card with my cash. The cash amount was correct, but I had someone else's debit card in my hand at the checkout of the grocery store (We will call him Mr. Smith). Had I been a dishonest person, I could have swiped that debit card, signed the receipt, and left the store, making myself the latest suspect of fraud. However, I am not a dishonest person, so I did what any honest person in my situation would have done...

After leaving the store, I checked the time. It was 6:30pm, and the bank closed at 6:00pm. I grabbed my cell phone and called Citi's customer service 800 number. I explained to the representative the situation, and what had happened, and she immediately thanked me for calling and reporting it. I gave her all of the information on Mr. Smith's card, so she could close that card and notify him. I told her the situation concerned me; what if it had been my debit card that was given to Mr. Smith by the bank employee, and Mr. Smith wasn't an honest person. She assured me the issue would be escalated, I thanked her, and hung up.

The next morning, December 19th, I swung by Whataburger for breakfast on my way to work. "Sir, I'm sorry, but your card has been declined." A phone call to Citi customer service identified the problem. My debit card had accidently been cancelled the previous night. Apparently, the woman I spoke with cancelled my card instead of Mr. Smith's. At this point, I was a little bit upset. Citibank made the initial mistake of practically giving away any and all security to Mr. Smith's money, even if just for a short period of time, and then in the process of trying to correct that mistake, they close my debit card, making it VERY inconvenient for me to access my money.

I got back on the phone with Citi's customer service, and was told they could not re-open my debit card, but they could mail me a new card if I would like. I told them I would need a replacement card sooner than the USPS could deliver one, so the representative suggested that I swing by the closest branch. She told me the branch would be able to give me a temporary ATM card, and set up to overnight a new debit card to me.

After a 30-45 minute visit at the branch closest to my work, Juley had supplied me with a temporary ATM card, and the promise that my new debit card would be sent via FedEx overnight to my work address.

When my debit card didn't arrive at work the next day, I jumped back on the phone with the local branch to see if they could give me a tracking number for it. Juley was conveniently on vacation, and the other ladies at the branch were unhelpful, and made it apparent that they were not interested in helping me out. They insisted I call the customer service 800 number.

So, I called customer service again, and after 30 minutes or so, I was told by the phone rep that Juley had not completed the debit card order, and the order she started the day before  was cancelled. I was very upset at this point, and asked the phone rep to hold on while I conferenced him in with Juley's manager, to get this settled.

Once I got the branch manager on the phone, and re-explained the situation to him, he asked me if he could research the issue and call me back. Obviously, since this was the first he had any involvement with this issue, I completely understood. I gave him my number and awaited his call.

About 30 minutes later, the phone rings. "I'm not sure what the phone representative was looking at, but the debit card DID get ordered, and here is the tracking number." Ahh, progress... now, to find out why FedEx didn't deliver it on time.

Come to find out, through no fault of Citi, FedEx had incorrect delivery information, which resulted in a 1 day delay on delivery. Ok, so the delivery delay wasn't Citi's fault. I can accept that. Point being, by December 21st, I had my newly activated debit card in hand, and assumed this entire ordeal was over.

Boy was I wrong... 

Read Part 2 - The Letter


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